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Philosphy & Methodes

Crosstown is a communication agency focusing on public relations and integrated communication in the private and public sector.

We are experts in transforming highly specialized public relations and communication knowledge into practical solutions. We believe that concise communication can shift attitudes and behaviour, and create change. We are specialists in initiating dialogue and debate through the press and social media. We think and work journalistically and we know what it takes to get even the complex stories or points of view out into the mass media landscape.

Crosstown is your confidential advisor, your sharpest pencil and your strategic consultant. We ask critical and insightful questions, which will help assure the best results. All assignments are carried out by a senior consultant with over 10 years experience within public relations, journalism and strategic counselling. With us, there is never a great distance between the strategic work and the concrete results.

Who do we work for?

A wide range of sectors

We work in a wide range of sectors and with a variety of businesses. However, we specialize in transport, energy, real estate, urban development, architecture and the food industry, as well as campaigns for ministries and government agencies.


Public transport and private transport are both popular topics in Denmark. This awareness increases the need for effective communication. Crosstown has an extensive knowledge of the sector and its target groups.


Green initiatives, energy consumption and green growth have become an important part of the agenda with consumers, politicians and decision makers. Crosstown are experts within energy sector communication.

Real Estate

Today, there is rapid development within the housing and construction sector. Crosstown has a comprehensive knowledge of the sector and the challenges, where press coverage and other communication initiatives create results and value.

Urban Development and Architecture

Historic buildings and new architecture have great growth and experiential potential.  Crosstown has extensive experience focusing on building heritage, urban and rural development and Danish architecture.

The Food Industry

Crosstown has vast experience with tackling the Danish food industry’s many communication challenges, whether it is about food safety, health, new trends or product launches.

Some of our Clients


Crosstown has helped raise the profile of SKANSKA Øresund A/S, which focuses on inner climate and green construction.

SLETH Architects and Planners

In 2010, SLETH won a part of a development project to develop a 300-acre harbour and industrial area in the port of Caen, in Northern France. This was a great victory for Danish urban development and architecture, and Crosstown helped tell the story to the Danish press.

Dansk Bygningsarv, a Consultancy Firm

Crosstown assists the consultancy firm, Dansk Bygningsarv with extensive press campaigns.

IN SITU Art Consultants

Art consultants, IN SITU work with Danish and international artists and businesses. Crosstown helped to raise the profile of IN SITU in the press.

Crosstown crosstown

Fokus on poverty with Danish National Broadcasting Company, DR - together with 70 other TV-stations wordlwide

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Crosstown’s partners have more than 10 years of experience within public relations, journalism and communication. We have experts in all facets of the mass media landscape – electronic, digital and printed media.


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Charlotte Daugbjerg Sørensen

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Partner. Master of Arts in English and Rhetoric. Charlotte has over 10 years experience as a public relations and communications consultant specializing in working with the press, public relations campaigns and strategic communication for the private and public sector as well as interest groups. Extensive experience in generating publicity for campaigns including ministries and agencies.

Flæsketorvet 26-28, 1.,  1711 Copenhagen V,  DK-Denmark