Public Relations

Public Relations

The mass media landscape is changing more rapidly than ever before. This requires a tailor made solution for every communication assignment. At Crosstown, we specialize in creating visible and striking results.

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Corporate Public Relations

Interesting press stories and participation in public debate are effective branding tools and profile company values. Media attention can enhance your company’s vision, reputation and brand.

At Crosstown, we dig down to the core of your business so that the stories you tell fulfil journalistic criteria. Thorough research ensures that the company’s press releases are relevant and reliable. Excellent writing skills and linguistic flair give communication flow and impact, so even complicated points of view come out to the public with credibility and clout.


Have you experienced that your campaigns and projects do not get the press coverage they should? This is often because there has not been enough focus on the public relations part, or that the timing is wrong. At Crosstown, we are specialists in quickly and effectively building on from a project or campaign that has been developed by your company’s marketing department or another advertising agency.  We establish a public relations strategy that sends your point of view out to all corners of the mass media landscape, create press material and handle all contact with editors, and the process of collecting results.

We prefer to be there from the start, but because of our extensive experience in the advertising industry, we can also provide that extra boost a campaign needs just before a launch.

Public Sector Campaigns

Crosstown has worked on a series of press campaigns for ministries, government agencies and other public sector businesses and organizations.

We identify the journalistic newsworthiness and societal perspective, develop a public relations strategy and press material, select relevant media types and are responsible for the entire public relations logistic process before, during and after the campaign. With Crosstown as your press coordinator, your campaign message will be presented across the mass media landscape - from TV, radio and nationwide newspapers to regional and local press, trade publications and online media.

International Public Relations

Perhaps communication is not a question of merely communicating internally and externally in one country? Communication is an international affair for many companies, and therefore our communication strategies also reach beyond borders.

At Crosstown, we have extensive experience with international public relations assignments for both Danish and international companies.  We are equipped to carry out the entire process, from strategy and development to editorial results in English, German and French. We are responsible for contact with the international editorial offices, as we have learnt from experience that the best public relation campaigns are the ones that are managed centrally.

Product Launches

A new product is rarely interesting in itself and editorial coverage should never be equated with an advertisement. The majority of products offer an exciting story or societal perspective, which are required to meet the necessary journalistic criteria. Stories that are often too detailed to tell in an advertisement.


Press coverage is therefore an effective supplement to a campaign for a new product. We get to the heart of the product and indentify the journalistic newsworthiness, develop a strategy and press material, map out relevant media and are responsible for the entire public relations logistic process before, during and after the campaign.